Delivery times vary depending on your area, although it is generally 4 to 8 weeks from the time your order is received. To inquire about specific delivery times in your area, feel free to contact our office and speak with your state’s customer service representative.

We measure our building measurements by: width x length x height.

For example, a 24′ x 26′ x 8′ building’s base frame size is 24′ x 25′ x 8′. Note that the measurements stated are the dimensions of the roof metal. It has a 6-inch overhang on each end so the bottom base rail frame is one foot shorter than the roof. The width is measured from the outside of the base rail to the outside of the other base rail.

Our standard tallest leg height is 12 feet. Taller leg heights are available on a case-by-case basis and typically will require some additional fees for lifts, surveys, and labor. As a side note, we typically suggest a 12-gauge frame for leg heights taller than 10 feet. Our building specialist can guide you through the options available for your application.

The standard is 14 gauge and the siding is 29 gauge.

Yes, you can go up to 14 gauge on the framing and 26 gauge on the siding * ( please contact us for the availability of this gauge in your area)

All of our buildings are 100% American Steel and are made here in the USA.

The vertical roof has the material that runs from the highest point of the roof to its lowest point. It also comes with 6 inch overhang all around the building.

For the vertical siding the material is constructed with the ribbing going up and down. For horizontal siding the material is constructed lengthwise.