Buying a house with a garage is a big investment for any family. But what happens if you don’t have one? Or, there is one, but too small for your needs? Here are a few reasons you definitely need to consider getting a new garage space….

1. You Get Extra Storage Space. Just imagine how organized your closets could be if you could move all those boxes of extra clothes, toys, holiday decorations to your newly storage space. Even if you have attached garage in your house, all the seasonal items, garden supplies, or sports equipment could be moved to a new garage as well. Simple solution for a super organized life!

2. Save Money on Storage. If you have all the mentioned above boxes of toys, clothes, wedding gifts, decorations, etc in the storage space that you pay for, with an addition of your new garage, you can finally put all this extra cash in your pocket! Your new garage will save you in a long run and you cannot beat the convenience of having all the items close by. No need to drive to the storage space for the wine bottle opener lost in one of those boxes.

3. Empty Your Driveway. Even if you have two cars currently, imagine that day when your kids will start driving. And if a family of 5 ends up with these many cars, your driveway will never forgive you for this. Not to mention your neighbors!  When you consider getting a new garage space, don’t forget to count your kids. Each of them will end up with the car that could be safely parked in a new space.

4. Make a Gym. Your kids are too little and you don’t like to plan for 10 years ahead of time? No worries. Your new garage space could be transformed into the gym for you and your family. Your kids will thank you on the cold winter or rainy or to0 humid ( depending on your state) days when no one can be outside. 10 years will fly fast and then you can definitely transform your space back to welcome all new cars for your grown teenagers. This is smart planning!

5. Start a New Business. We all know about Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Harley Davidson, and even Disney starting in a garage. Be like Google, Amazon, or Disney! The sky is the limit and the good thing – it can start in Your garage!

6. Party Time! If you like to entertain and feed your guests well – here is another advantage of a new garage space : you can add as many fridges there as necessary for your party size. You will never run out of beer again.

7. Have a Hobby. Do you like to paint, create pottery, do woodworking, leather crafting or simply work on your cars? Your garage is a place where your imagination and your talents combined with the space for all your tools will make anyone green with envy. Creation and innovation is always a great addition to your new space.

8. Man Cave. Some men like to create it in the house, but with the new garage – your man cave could transition a bit further and you can still keep that extra bedroom for your guests. They will thank you later!

9. Music Room. Remember those drums that your kids got for Christmas? How can you forget them, since the kids use the drums daily? Well, now you can – simply transition the drums to a new garage space and your house will be quiet again. Now, you don’t have to worry about the trombone that your kids wanted for next year.

10. Earn extra cash! Now, we are talking some business. Before you become next level Google or Amazon, you can start with small steps of earring some cash by simply renting out your garage space. You can allow people in your neighborhood to use it for either partial  or full space storage. If you live in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York, or Washington DC, you can use this company to help you find those neighbors. Genius! Now, you can thank us for this!